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different sides of ryu sera [x][x]

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Anonymous asked: tbh members "coming and going" isnt that weird, maybe 9m doesnt have an established graduating system but theres never rly been the same members all from the beginning. members coming and going isnt exactly an unfamiliar thing in general either, as does the same, and so does akb and momusu


okay but 6 members leaving in a span of 4 years is sus as fuck for a kpop group so

what happens at the end of a namyu interview

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During ‘Don’t Forget Me’ promotions, I was a completely different Minah off camera. I was a little depressed. I think I had a lot of thoughts along the lines of “what am I doing here?”. Mainly because I had a dream of being a vocalist ever since I was young, and I felt like that dream was slowly slipping away. I was falling behind as a vocalist, but I was laughing on variety shows… It didn’t feel right.