Our hearts are heavy, but we’ll always love. cherish, and remember you two. Take care of each other now, baby girls.

Gone from us are two beautiful souls that were way to young to have left us so soon. But never forgotten are the everlasting memories that they made, not just for themselves, but for us fans as well. We thank you for the love and the memories that you have given us in a time that was cut way too short. Kwon Risae and Go Eunbi we love you and we hope that you will continue to watch over us from above. May you both rest in peace. 

I joined the group late with Yura. As I’m easygoing, I was not intimidated by Sojin and Minah when I first met them. As I am much younger, I felt comfortable being affectionate towards other members.”


16/endless of my favorite k-pop ladies; shin jimin.

"jimin looks very charismatic because she’s the leader of the group. even though she shows off her charismatic side…in real life, she’s a baby. in public, she has the look of a leader and can rally the fans.” -chanmi


minah was deeply hurt when she broke her hair clip


get to know me meme: top five girl groups



bias/era: qri/roly poly3 for galaxiao

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